Quality Service

The Automotive industry is always accompanied by various types of quality issues. As a part of quality services, Nalara can provide both sorting & rework at any location convenient to you; including your customer, supplier, sequencer or assembly plant. Our goal is to stop the flow of nonconforming parts. Our inspectors are fully trained and experienced to provide you with first class service. To isolated the shipment and subsequent receipt of nonconforming material, we can implement a containment operation to eliminate product quality concerns.


Automotive parts should be managed strictly in specification and lot number. All required inspection and sorting requested reviewed beforehand with client for the setting up the inspection process then work instruction shall be made and the operators will be trained accordingly. The result of inspection will be shared daily basis and reviewed for the better counter action in term of quality.

  • Containment of Quality Issues
  • Inspection, Sorting and Rework

NALARA has years of experience with product containments. Whether customer driven or supplier initiated, NALARA can protect your company from suspect product.

NALARA offers inspection services for a variety of manufacturers throughout North America. We provide services ranging from visual checks to dimensional studies to post-assembly yard sorts and bulk containment. Our inspection services can be used on incoming supplied components, your final outgoing product, or at certain locations within your manufacturing process. Along with inspection and containment, NALARA has been reworking parts successfully. NALARA has handled both short and long-term projects, providing timely, accurate data to drive the direction for permanent corrective action.